Market Analysis 

Top quality market analysis is essential to any developing business or strategic move.

Getting it right can make all difference between success or failure. 

How do I conduct Market Analysis.

My market analysis has a number of parts and can be tailored to your needs. The following areas are as follows.

  • ​Digital Market analysis - search demand , trends and changes taking place. 

  • Competitor Analysis, see how competitors are integrating with customers and are there any advantages to take advantages off and what are there weaknesses. 

  • Cost analysis for digital marketing. 

Competitor Analysis

I look to see what your competitor's weaknesses' are, then build a keyword strategy and backlink strategy to take advantage of this. 

Keyword analysis

I look for keywords that others aren't looking at, then use these keywords that have a lower ranking difficulty on google to raise your website's initial traffic levels.

I also target the harder generic keywords related to your business to increase long term traffic.

Back Link Analysis

Back links are other websites linking to your website, such as news articles or business directories. The quality of the back link, good or bad, has a good or bad effect on your site.


It is important to have good quality backlinks in order to add credibility to your website from a search engines perspective.

Content Analysis

We would review your websites content and ensure the keywords used are inline with your meta tag and meta description.

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With my knowledge and experience I hope to not only meet, but exceed your expectations, and offer a variety of services customized to fit your specific needs.


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