Holiday Rental Marketing

I personally run two holiday let businesses in North Wales, 'The Sunset Cabin' 'The Old forge holiday let' and so I have first hand experience marketing holiday lets and ensuring the most cost-effective way to maximize investment is achieved.

Ways to market your holiday rental?

There are multiple ways to do holiday Rental Marketing such as booking platforms such as Airbnb, etc.


Others such as paid ads on platforms such as Google AdWords, where you pay each time a potential customer clicks on your ad 'pay per click' or 'PPC ads'.


Facebook ads are another way to reach your target market, they work in a similar way by paying each time a potential customer clicks on your Facebook ads. 


Search Engine optimization (or SEO) is when you increase your search result ranking on Google.

Our industry is always buzzing with news and updates, and as part of my services I’m pleased to share some of the most relevant articles and posts. Stay tuned for more and contact me with any questions or remarks.


I talk more in-depth about each method of marketing your holiday rental further on. 

Marketing your holiday rental on Airbnb

Airbnb has been a great platform to bring exposure to businesses, if done correctly you can bring consistent revenue to your holiday let. The disadvantage with Airbnb is the 17% booking fee, you can pass on the 15% to the customer but then other listings may out price you. 

There are a number of ways to increase your Airbnb search results 'appear higher on Airbnb search results', also increase your click through rate to your listing. 

You can get bad customers through Airbnb, again there are multiple ways to prevent the frequency in which you experience them.

What is like to market a holiday Rental on? is a good way to bring booking to your holiday rental, the customers tend to be more respectful of your property. The down side is that they charge 15% on bookings, which like Airbnb turns into alot of money at the end of the year. 

Marketing your Holiday Rental on Facebook and Instagram. 

If done correctly Facebook and Instagram ads can be very effective at building a community of followers allowing you to continually market to them for free, once they have liked your holiday rental page. You can post offers, news and updates about your property which increases repeat bookings. 

The prospective customers who follow your business don't tend to book right away but form a steady stream of direct bookings over a longer period of time.

However, if not done correctly, you can easily spend a lot of money attracting the wrong sort of audience to your business which can result in a waste of investment.

I conduct in-depth ads testing to ensure your investment is correctly spent to give maximum return before we would increase the ads budget.

How to maximize your profit on your holiday rental?

The most cost-effective way to increase your holiday let's profit, that I've found, is by improving your holiday let website's search engine optimisation 'SEO'.


From my own experience, doing this has increased my direct bookings, thus reducing the fees given to booking platforms such as Airbnb and


Today the Sunset Cabin receives over half of its bookings direct which has saved me hundreds of pounds. 

How to prevent Holiday Rental Damage?

I do an in depth audit of your website and business to find out exactly where our efforts will be best spent optimising your website in order to give you maximum return on investment.

The following areas I conduct analysis to bring you the best level of service I can.

Each holiday Rental is different!

I do an in depth audit of your website and business to find out exactly where our efforts will be best spent optimising your website, in order to give you maximum return on investment.

These are the areas I conduct analysis into, to bring you the best level of service I can.

Competitor Analysis

I look to see what your competitor's weaknesses' are, then build a keyword strategy and backlink strategy to take advantage of this. 

Keyword analysis

I look for keywords that others aren't looking at, then use these keywords that have a lower ranking difficulty on google to raise your website's initial traffic levels.

I also target the harder generic keywords related to your business to increase long term traffic.

Back Link Analysis

Back links are other websites linking to your website, such as news articles or business directories. The quality of the back link, good or bad, has a good or bad effect on your site.


It is important to have good quality backlinks in order to add credibility to your website from a search engines perspective.

Content Analysis

We would review your websites content and ensure the keywords used are inline with your meta tag and meta description.

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